Productive Post – Faces Friday!

This series was originally called “What to do Wednesday,” in the hope that my schedule and I would evolve into a stable biweekly rhythm, but alas not so far this Spring.  Someday, someday.  Anyway – since there are so many amazing, unplugged, yes productive, activities to explore, I’m exercising my blogger right and renaming these, “Productive Posts.”

When creativity fails, alliteration rides to the rescue.

Pediatrics is largely about prevention, since healthy children generally evolve into healthy grownups.  Prevention starts in utero with things like multivitamins, rest, reading real books (threw that in) and so forth, but then continues from the delivery room onward. Regarding media use, this means unplugged bundles of joy plugged in to healthy, stimulating, real world experiences with their loving parents (and returning their baby laptops, smart baby videos, and such for full refund).

Today’s Productive Post is for infants, who more than anything want to be loved and cared for as they try to figure out what’s up with the whole 3-dimensional, multi-sensorial thing.  They are literally absorbing information – sights, sounds, smells, feelings – which, along with being hungry and tired, is one reason they cry frequently and like to be held.  This is also a reason why video screens have no role in their world: flashy, noisy things that take this amazing 3-D world and collapse it into 2 weirdo dimensions with muppets and cartoony blobs running all over the place and singing weirdo songs.  They can’t can’t touch, taste, or smell these gadgety things, care nothing for their marketing pitches, and surely can’t be held, fed, or loved by them, so why bother?

Infants love real people.  Which makes sense – they are small, real people.  They are enchanted by real faces, including their own.  Their first smiles, coos, and other sounds – magical moments, all – are inspired by reactions to them.   One of the most fascinating real faces of all, of course, is their own.  And so, today’s activity is about a way to see them: mirrors!  Who’s the fairest of them all?  Not Snow White.  Not Dora.  Not Elmo.  It’s baby!    Enjoy…

Target age: infant.

Materials Needed: large, non-breakable mirror

What to Do: Children love seeing themselves!  (editor’s note: they also love real books featuring real photos of people, animals, and the world!)  Hang a non-breakable mirror on the wall at floor level in your child’s room.   Place your child in front of the mirror.  Observe your child’s reaction.  How does your child respond?

Variations: Lay next to your child and talk about what you see in the mirror.

Skills Learned:

  • Visual skills.
  • Body/self awareness.

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